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Poetry #173
(published April 1, 2004)
My Buddy or First Night Out
by Greg Rutter

We both knew it was strictly forbidden
since he was the heavy weight champion then
but we also understood it was our one chance.
We'd met earlier that week through fate.
Me with my crazy clothes and wild streak.
Him with his entourage and manager.
After a while we realized that he had
lived under the tight grip of his job too long.
He had never had a double banana split before
or hear the roar of the "Dragon Fire" rollercoaster.
So we knew what we had to do that night.
Dressed in black I snuck into his compound
and in his white nighty he climbed own the rope
that I'd taught him to make out of bed sheets
and we ran, giggling, into his first night out.

He lost his match the very next day.
A straight TKO in only three painful rounds.
The attendants found his fingernails bright red
beautifully pained the night before to match his gloves
But as he lay on the floor, blood dripping below his eye
Lennox looked right at me, winked, and smiled
and I knew that it had been worth it.

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