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Poetry #134
(published May 15, 2003)
Nomenclature of Loss (from Seven More Poems the Road Gave Up, part 1 of 7)
by Tom Sheehan

Smith, L.C.,
42 years of age.
weight unknown,
but promises good ballast.
Good motor control
(manually dexterous).
I.Q. is inadmissable,
sometimes spells poorly
and uses bad language
and inapt punctuation,
yet has extreme potential.
Has known temper tantrum,
rebellion, revolution,
root of riot.
Fights for imagery,
metaphor and other
impassioned causes.
Specializes in writing letters
to vintage poets Shanahan
and Hood. Acknowledges
uncountable contacts
and associates. Has produced
thirteen novels, 78 short stories,
1320 poems, some of character.
Works well between 1 and 3 A.M..
When idle, turns to rust.
Last seen on the third seat
of a '75 Dodge Van.

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