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Poetry #125
(published March 13, 2003)
The Mask (from Mommy, part 5 of 5)
by Barry Blumenfeld

Some memories are

Knots not to be un-
Tied. Time tenses the rope,

Merely. You lied a-
Bout so much and left

Me here to ponder
What I cannot touch.

Some lies are memorable,
Tickling, whispering

What straight ways will not
Seek. Mommy. You came

Home, white gauze in

Your nose, your ear. Knots
Of snot in ropes of

Gore spilled on ice. Was-
N't you, was it? Me?

Some other boy? Who?
I liked toys; all boys

Do. A bus. School kids
Rushed the door. My dog,

The eyes of which
Terri whipped with her

Little wooden twig.
No music here. Christ-

Mas logic. My one-
Way iridescent

Moon mask came by mail.
Magic tinsel, sil-

Ver cars. Back-door pee-
Jays, built-in feet.

Walkie-talkie cords,
Snapped in two on the

Bathroom floor. Tiled. Check-
Ered. No more.

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