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Fiction #258
(published December 22, 2005)
They Think It Is Funny
by Jason Polan
He's watching the television. That's what he's doing. Some game show is on, it doesn't really matter which one. Tonight, it happens to be Jeopardy. After dinner, he likes something that he doesn't have to think about very much, and oddly, Jeopardy does that for him. He likes how each contestant has to write down their name. He gets to see their handwriting.

He set up the tv himself. It was heavy but he did it. He had let Janice move the beds where they are. When he saw where she had put the framed and matted picture of him, he brought the tv in from the garage. He thought it was funny to be watching television with himself. She didn't want a tv in the bedroom but he did. It was a bit of a trade, and compromise, on both of their parts. Janice didn't want the tv and he didn't want the paintings of clowns above the beds, but both ended up where they are now. The bedspreads are different, some would go as far as to say that they clash, but he and Janice don't care very much. There aren't many people, other than the two of them, that see this bedroom. They think it is funny. They know that they are fairly different, but they love their comforters and they love each other anyway.

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