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Fiction #349
(published September 27, 2007)
by Wayne Scheer
Brad wasn't the kind of man who cheated on his wife. At least not regularly. He had to have a good reason and the Britney Spears wannabe in the secretary pool was reason enough.

There was something about the way she gestured with her left arm and whistled her "s." He found her unusually sexy.

Brad learned that Stephanie was almost twenty, half his age, and filling in for one of the secretaries on maternity leave.

Perfect, thought Brad. She'll only be here a short time. Brad made his move.

Within a week, she was straightening his tie and touching his arm as they spoke. A week later, they were in her bed, naked and sweaty.

"You know, I'm not usually this easy," Stephanie said. "I've never been with an older man before."

Brad didn't like where she was heading so he changed the subject. "This your family?" He pointed to the pictures on her nightstand beside the bed.

"That's my mom and stepdad."

"Good looking fami . . ." Panic overtook Brad when he recognized the woman in the picture as his college girlfriend who had dropped out her sophomore year, about twenty years ago, pregnant with his child.

The familiar whistling "s" came back to him in a flash as he jumped out of bed and searched for his clothes.

This story first appeared in the August 2007 issue of Literary Tonic

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