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Fiction #186
(published July 15, 2004)
Vet Chelsea
by Raymond Niemi
Vet Chelsea,

How neighbor Dayton Dahl adds one to one unsettles us. Poodle Abner, bed in laundry nook, began wheezing to cleaning solutions. He hates bleach mixed with bowl cleaner most.

Since Dayton is exacting, conduct issues rise. Back from a whole day out, we found a chair's shin nicked of varnish and the lushest pillow pulled to center bed. Shed white sickles gripped the indention. Her eyes gave a gulp but her nose tipped up like Abner hearing sausage hiss. The best discipline idea had come to her.

At the next infraction, she confined him with a tub of washing potion. When he yipped and glared with malice, a fan was added so vapors traveled faster.

After twenty minutes went, she carried him out, kneaded flacid ears, cajoled with syrup tones, "It wounds to see damp eyes, to hear chug, chug, chug. Don't make me do it more."

Now, her contentment swells as smaller amounts bring the same or greater symptoms. "Who can protest trifling portions? It's not atomic waste, only chlorine, ammonia" other cleansing aids. Yet despite the tactics, success isn't attained. Abner still damages.

Several pet-owner friends object. One suggests cruelty, even lawlessness. Since you studied animals and know what's with them, we set decision at your desk. Is something off with Dayton?

Yours sincere,

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