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Fiction #141
(published July 3, 2003)
Inch Lak Flinch
by Jerry Vilhotti

No matter how old she would become nor how deformed her body would get enhanced with a large waist, the father would see her as the fourteen year old girl - whose looks rivaled actresses strutting themselves across silver screen above upturned heads trying to escape the realities of the Great Depression - he had fondled cleanly, as if she were still the six year old squirming on his lap reaching for real and imaginary objects, the fifteen year old that made actresses look like her baby sister he had touched un-cleanly which his wife saw calling him an animal - a visitor of sheep's pens touching the asses of animals - and finally the sixteen year old who had become "the knockout" of the whole The Bronx being pursed by men of all ages; charging the old ones twenty five cents a peek.

After the ass grabbing that he swore was an accident like a leaf twirling in winds, Tina became a shadow to him for he did not want to be accused again: rooms she was alone in he avoided; objects about to be exchanged between them never were as others came to the rescue; her smiles vanished in thin air he turned away while police lurked in the dark recesses of his mind.

When Tina was approaching forty the car accident, occurring when she was running a stop sign in Hollywood "Your vote don't count if we don't like it" Florida on her way to a tryst with a former lover when she was fifteen years old who would become a world champion in the fight "game", reduced her speech to: "Begotch! Begotch ah seb. Me ersatz! Foulment?" she said smiling at her sixty-five year old father.

He nodded. What was the meaning coming from her still sensuous lips? Put it in here. The eye will be opened? he thought as he placed coffee cups down for her and her mother in a pseudo display of subservience.

Al's hotch. Hotch na gut! Ah neech youb to shoble da fuchen snow. Inch inch ,Pop Pop. Gimmie you!" she said realizing the closeness of the words heart and hot and the others copulating one upon the other. She could have said heart if she tried hard enough what with all the work the speech therapist was devoting to her pretty mouth.

The word hotch triggered off all the anger still in her father; anger he held against Al. He could remember as if it were the day before how nineteen year old Al had asked permission to marry the then eighteen year old Tina. He had shouted "No way!" But the mother had said yes so many times - it no longer sounded like a word. It had so much force about it that it fully engulfed his no. His wife was thinking she was finally getting the whore of whores off her hands. She told him this the night Al and Tina had eloped with the three month fetus clutching to The Helen of Troy's insides.

What the mother hadn't been able the courts to do - get the seventeen year old reformatory bound future champion to marry her - Al, a God send, did with naive enthusiasm.

The father had been angry but powerless since he was concerned his wife and her brothers would report him to the police for gathering leaves. All the eleven years of her marriage he held down with both fists the rage he felt - thinking Tina had betrayed him with a dirty mustache who would never allow her out of bed. All toll their fornicating union of millions of penetrations had produced four children to toddle into his life calling him "Grumps" and then after she threw Al out for catching her in the back seat with the carpenter who was trying to build their dream house, she went out to bring forth three more penetrations manifesting in the forms of a girl and two boys to perpetuate that word that made him fist himself in the head for moments on end.

Ah hot. Hot, he repeated to himself as he smiled at her like Errol Flynn did to all the beautiful women he was swashbuckling.

The mother said loudly that it was no wonder Al's heart was dying what with all his picking up hundred pound rubber bales for seven years - working overtime to make enough money for their so called dream house. His heart, she said even louder, had probably become a strip of rubber people see strewn on highways and then added that after her second divorce she had taken Al in for his disability check while he was married to some woman living in American Valley where tons of homeless lived.

"Slush," Tina said.

Her father looked deeply into her eyes. It sounded like and it pictured like a penis entering between the legs of a moist fifteen year old. Is that what she was saying? Was she trying to do all these images in those sounds coming out between her lips? He could still feel her young touches on his muscles - that had helped raise the then tallest building where King Kong had climbed to its top before being killed to death from bullets from planes and concrete - whenever she was asking him for something like overruling her mother's "no" about going out for just a little while.

He nodded. "I'll be over tomorrow to shovel the snow away. Don't worry about it," he said. Thinking of all her sexual sounds and the actor who before he was doing his in like flint in tinsel town thing with all the beautiful women had as a teenager a job in Australia of biting the testicles from the bodies of sheep.

He would bite all the snow away.

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