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Pieces by Ed

Rant: Flag Day: Schools Should Not Teach Kids To Verbally Fellate Flags(with Addendum)
Poetry: While I Lay Quietly
Rant: Briefly, On the Nature of Love and, Thus, Sexuality(a brief selection from Plato's Symposium)
Rant: Squid Of The Union Address
Rant: A Few Words on Etiquette
Rant: An Opinion On Dreams
Rant: The Philosophy of Furniture
Rant: Some Secrets Of The Magazine Prison-House
Fiction: The Sphinx
Rant: Late In October
Rant: The Next Story
Rant: Amerikan Spectacle
Fiction: God's Wrath Is A Motherfucker
Fiction: Sunday with Forbes (part 1 of 2)
Fiction: Sunday with Forbes (part 2 of 2)
Fiction: Laser Hair Removal
Rant: The Word "White" (March 17, 1854)
Rant: Why Should A Colored Man Enlist? (April 1863)
Fiction: from the Witch Lake Reader
Fiction: Brendan's Brother
Fiction: One for the Road
Rant: Letter From Sudan #1: Arrival (part one)
Rant: Letter From Sudan #1: Arrival (part two)
Rant: Letter From Sudan #1: Arrival (part three)
Fiction: On Parables
Rant: Grappling Hooks for the Socially Isolated
Fiction: The Dream of Miss Sissy N--
Rant: This I Believe: Profiles in Courageous Americanism, pt 1.Armstrong on the Moon
Rant: The Giant Squid's Inaugural Address, Januarius 20, 2005
Rant: The Tale of the Drunk Immigrant in Spain
Rant: Two American Latinas Seeking Adventure in Morocco; What They Found
Rant: On How I Grew Afraid Of Becoming A Raisin In The Sun In The Wintertime Because Of The View From The Balcony
Rant: Am I still An Unpatriotic Traitor?

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