Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) Classics (2000-2011)
Archive Issue #155
(published October 9, 2003)
.ecin yrev t'nsi od ew tahw dnA .od ew tahw ta si ereht tseb eht er'eW

Giant Squid:
Notes from the Giant Squid: An Electorate, Well Reasoned and Good

Fiction by Ambrose Bierce:
The Sagacious Rat



Poetry by Karyna McGlynn:
For Colleen Found On Sunday

Rants by Aristophanes, via Aristodemus, who passed it on to Apollodorus, who in turn told Plato who now tells Us:
Briefly, On the Nature of Love and, Thus, Sexuality
(a brief selection from Plato's Symposium)


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