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Poetry #62
(published Late in the Year, 2001)
Inside Boxing
by Brett Richard Fennessy

A fresh fish should really have no odor whatsoever
nothing beats a pair of great legs but what I mean is,
ensuring the motivational loyalty of
your employees is a legitimate business expense
whether through a corporate funded or payroll deduction
or even had we not walked through those woods sat
by that rock where you finally took off your shirt
a bluefish being so aggressive in nature yet
cheap good eating you looked I thought, like Diana
yet there was some quality unwilling some
reserve in a program like this, so that even if less than a
majority of your personnel do not opt for
the pain that lobsters feel, possibly greater when
in the cage than the pot or that day you
were not there that question of quality control
will it still be fresh what new salesman will outline
some new tax deferrrable investment retirement fund
will the beachhouse survive the hazy grey
winter and the summer spent survive
vicissitudes of time and travel
so much else has not
Although a very fresh porgy will sometimes
smell like a cucumber

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