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Poetry #476
(published March 4, 2010)
Her Space
by D. Kalteis
Victoria divorced him
wished him blue balls
then made a final purge
of his clothes
his crap in the attic
golf clubs
tires and leaf blower
every speck
every shred
all boxed and marked Salvation Army

Victoria called the decorator
decided on fabric
decided on paint
Peacock Plume
pomegranate accents
and animal prints
all cheating beigeness of him gone

After the tradesmen
after the delivery men
after the transformation
Victoria vowed with stone eyes
he would never step a sour sneaker
in her space
ever again

Victoria heard
he lived downtown somewhere
she imagined the decor of a tree fort
the cleanliness of a sewer
half-eaten Pizza
chips between cushions
bottle rings on the table
ashes on the rug
broken without her

Victoria will be ready
for the personal ads
ready for the commitment guy
who wants to spend time
ready for the sugar daddy
who wants to spend money
ready for someone
who has been wished blue balls
by someone else

D. Kalteis is a writer living in West Vancouver, Canada.

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