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Poetry #462
(published November 26, 2009)
Cars Parked at 10th and Allen
by Victoria Clayton Munn
Some long lost opera's melody
a pair of hiking shoes
two dollars in quarters and dimes
a novel twice read, gently
lipstick kissed tissues
the scent of his skin
like a warm perfume,
embracing her with passion.

Three quarts of oil
two bottles of merlot
a copy of the Bible
a pair of ladies 14 pumps
and a promise to never,
ever do that again.

A car seat
three discarded onion rings
piles of cheerios
a book on becoming a better mother
and a smaller, more ominous one
entitled "Vasectomy and You"
regret, shame and the sound of a
slap against a two year old's calf.

Victoria Clayton Munn's work appears in many periodicals (including Right Hand Pointing, Boston Literary Magazine, and decomP), as well as her chapbook Two Lips. Find her online at http://www.writinggirl.com.

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