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Poetry #39
(published May 10, 2001)
The Dual
by Barry Blumenfeld

In the last scene of the Samurai Trilogy
Musashi Mayamoto tiptoes from the sea at dawn.
The surf and sand flirt between his heels
As Sasake his rival comes striding,
Gowned in silks as white as a bride's joy.
His gods, sun and shogun, both see it.
But someone — an artist —
Has bled all over Musashi's soul.
Someone takes Musashi's one and only soul
For a playground,
Pushing toy values back and forth
While he sweats it out through each and every pore.
Was sadness ever more noble
Than Mifune's face in the moment his sword rises?
The sun's behind him.
Sasake is all too happy to see him come,
Happy and doomed,
Just because he's not conflicted,
Just like a girl his peacefulness recalls.
Sasake has to go,
Just as the dew goes
When the sun of consciousness rises.
So, he nicks Musashi
And with that pretty smile
Falls to earth someone's blood has stippled.

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