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Poetry #332
(published May 31, 2007)
Chakra Blue
by Alison Eastley
Embroidering white doves and gold
crosses for ministers of religion to wear
on a scarf to theology class where she
underlines miracles and waits.

Years later, she collects certificates
in reiki i and ii where faith is different
from evangelical shows. The devil
is exorcised with a push to the forehead.

Members of the congregation convulse
on the floor while the woman with certificates
in reiki i and ii heals from a distance
the same way the man who discovered

reiki fasted until faint from meditation
not to mention dehydration, hallucinated,
heard mysterious voices telling him
he had to open the closed bones of heads.

The stream of consciousness
without a dream the woman skilled
in reiki i or ii can divine homoeopathic
potions picked from pretty pictures

resonating colours she calls chakra
blue problems easily solved by rainbow
aura remedies so potent they arrive
in small bottles only spirit guides supply.

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