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Poetry #314
(published January 25, 2007)
An Argument For Being A Prick or Philosophikal Consolation For A Man With A Small Prick, Big Dreams And An Unfulfilled Wife
by J.M. Munsil
To wit...

What is man without dreams?
Why, he is nothing!

And what is woman without
A pin to prick a man's dreams?
Why, she is nothing!

It follows, therefore, that a woman
Must have a prick to fulfill herself.
And as a man dreams when
He attempts to fulfill a woman,
It follows that he aspires to be a prick.

And if he must be a prick,
Better by far to be a grand prick
Than to accept mere mediocrity,
Be it in reality, or his dreams.

Therefore, and inasmuch
As life is a dream,
A man must be a grand prick
To have a hope
Of pinning it on a woman,
Thereby fulfilling her,
Or he loves her not.

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