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Poetry #280
(published June 1, 2006)
My Poor Sony
by Kenn Ralf Schmenkei Barrett

Mavica, has to be replaced. It's a sad day.

To make her rechargeable battery useable it's necessary to completely run it down. She is sitting in front me.

I turn her back on, I know I can hear her saying, "What are doing to me? I'm going to tell your Mother that you stopped using a perfectly good camera. What do you mean, outdated? What's the big deal megs 5.0, 1.5 they're all megs, right"

0825 hours, only minutes left.

"I held your smooth body gently touching your shutter release. We zoomed in and out. Such wonderful sunsets and sunrises as if we spent the whole night together."

"I charged your battery as you charged mine with photos I printed and saved."

0883 hours, "I can't see you."

"Hi I'm Canon 2S 1S."

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