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Poetry #189
(published August 5, 2004)
An Open Apology To All My Friends
by Greg Rutter

This is just a quick note to say
how sorry I am for getting so drunk
and ruining your party. I didn't
mean to knock over the sculpture
by the door, or accidentally push
the air conditioner out the window
after complaining it was too hot,
and I certainly didn't plan to
overturn the coffee table while
leaving. It's just that on the way
to your apartment I was sitting on
the train and in front of me was
a couple who were so obviously
in love that they didn't mind rubbing
it in to the rest of us who weren't
as fortunate. While they
nuzzled, and whispered and smiled
so happily the wine I had brought
as a gift for your party— it was
dry and yet buttery with a hint of
oak— looked inviting and so
I was able to open it using my
keys. And it was a long trip to
your apartment so there wasn't
too much left when I got there.
Passing a corner store I bought
a few beers to make up for the
missing wine, but around the block
I realized that I was by the park where
Amy and I had walked on a warm
fall evening, so I followed the path
for a while. It was a long walk and
I was thirsty— remember the wine
was dry— so I had four or five beers
on the way over the fence to your
place. Once again, thank you for having
me over. I had a lovely time and
hope we can do it again soon.
Oh, and once again, I'm sorry.

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