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Fiction #273
(published April 6, 2006)
by Jason Polan
It started snowing while I was sitting at the computer looking at pictures of local wildlife. One snowflake came down and I didn't really pay attention to it. I thought it was a feather from a pillow or a piece of lint. A second and a third came down right after the first and I looked over and saw that they were melting on the table. Several more began to fall. I did not know where they were coming from. I was sitting inside. The room had two windows and two doors, one door leading to the outside. All of them were closed. My apartment is one big room with a bathroom attached. I looked at the ceiling and more snow came down. I put my computer under the table and stood up. I went to my dresser and got a sweatshirt. It started to really come down. I thought about checking the weather channel to see what this was all about and then realized that the weather channel wouldn't be able to help me with my own room. They wouldn't get that specific. My toes were cold because I wasn't wearing shoes. I had snow pants in the bottom of my dresser. I grabbed them, put them on, and then found some socks and boots. A snow bank began to form in the corner across from the tv. My sled was outside. I thought that I should go get it. I went outside. It was sunny and I began to sweat. I started peeling off my layers, starting with the snow pants. I looked a bit silly when my neighbor, who was cutting the lawn with one of those old lawnmowers without a mower, saw me. He was across the street. He didn't say anything to me. He just stopped mowing and looked. I waved and went back inside with my sled that I grabbed from the alley on the side of my apartment building. It was still snowing inside. I put all of my clothes back on because it had gotten colder. I climbed to the top of the hill, got on my sled, and rode down. It wasn't a very long ride but it was a lot of fun, because I was inside. I went down a couple more times. I liked how I didn't have to walk up too far for the ride. I wasn't out of breath when I got to the top like I usually was when I went sledding. When I finally got tired I went to the kitchen area and made some hot chocolate. I made it with milk instead of water to celebrate the situation. I drank the hot chocolate. It burnt the end of my tongue a little. I always want to drink it the most with the first sip. I didn't think that I was dreaming because I had never burnt my tongue in a dream before. I put the little pot in the sink and it began to fill with snow. I decided I would do the dishes after it stopped snowing. I sat on my couch in the corner, half covered with the snowdrift. I couldn't find the remote because it was on my coffee table, which was covered with snow, with all of the magazines that also got covered with snow. I then heard a faint ringing. I thought that it was my phone under a foot of snow! I dug it out and answered. It was my friend. I told her what was happening and she told me that I must be crazy.

"It cannot snow inside," she said.

"Clouds cannot fit in your small apartment," she added.

I then told her that I had to shovel my chairs and hung up the phone. I went back outside to get my shovel. The man across the street had finished mowing. He was inside now. I saw one car drive by. It was going too fast, as usual. I went back in with my shovel and thought about different ideas for a street sign to slow people down. Maybe a picture of little kids jumping. They will have to slow down to try and figure it out. I will make it once the snow lets up. I was getting tired after shoveling so I decided to go to sleep. I brushed my teeth. I was pleasantly surprised that my bed was warm under the snow. I got in and went to sleep hoping that some of the snow would still be there when I woke up.

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