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Fiction #405
(published October 23, 2008)
The Flounderer
by Timothy Gager
Patty finds that internet dating is like fishing in waters empty of good or tasty fish. She still tries to catch some rotten ones—just to cut off their heads. The dates are all with married men trying to disguise themselves as being available. It is a transparent ruse, but Patty plays along.

The phone vibrates while heading to town and it's one of the men's wives sounding to her like she's reciting angry slam poetry. Patty doesn't know what to tell her. "You really need to figure out how to end it," she finally says.

Cindy, the woman that Patty's husband now sleeps with is stopped half way in the crosswalk. Patty has a wicked thought to push down hard on the accelerator. Her foot tenses and she suddenly realizes the car actually is traveling at a high rate of speed. Patty stomps the brakes and the car locks up, the rear end moves the same way hers does when men begin their slide into her from behind. The car stops short of the crosswalk leaving rubber and harsh smelling blue smoke in its wake.

"I'd still like to be friends!" Cindy shouts at her from between the lines.

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