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Fiction #316
(published February 8, 2007)
Walking Away
by Norma Trent
At night in my dreams I run, away from a mysterious danger. I can never seem to run fast enough. By day I walk. I want to walk away and never look back, but I can never walk far enough. Soon the baby will wake, alone, untended. I need to walk back, back to responsibility. I have to walk back to never-ending boredom and mind-numbing work.

Silently I reenter the house. All seems quiet, until I remove my boots. A small cry comes from the bedroom. He is awake, for how long?

Now I begin to worry. Who saw me leave alone? Has the baby been awake for a long time? Unable to help himself, alone and untended, did he cry before I got home?

I gather the warm, wet bundle and smother him with kisses.

"Soon you'll be able to walk, too."

He smiles and nuzzles my neck.

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