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Fiction #233
(published June 30, 2005)
by Foster Dickson
She lit a match to have another cigarette. It was her third one in seven minutes. The stress was building. She had to go back in and face her boss. They had noticed the missing deposit, and her new diamond bracelet.

& then . . .

A boy was watching a girl in the park, when a butterfly flew near her and she looked up to see him when she watched it fly away. They met eyes and she smiled when he did. He had had to be back in ten minutes, his lunch break was almost over and he didn't know how to approach her.

& then . . .

An old man thought about his retirement fund. His necktie was feeling tight, so he loosened it. The phone rang, but he was too stressed out to talk to anyone right now. He did not know that it was his wife, calling to tell him they had won the lottery. He wondered for the rest of the day if he would ever get to retire.

& then . . .

A dog lay in the sunshine, hungry, on a Tuesday, when his owner forgot to feed him that morning. He wanted to eat. He had scavenged around and found nothing. Just then the back door opened.& then . . .

The old man took turns rubbing his shaved head and then his goatee. The haiku was not going well. It lacked something but the man did not know what. Until a butterfly, who had seen the whole thing, landed on his knee.

& then . . .

The old man finished the haiku and it read like this:

Sad people, thinking.
Grace comes along if we wait,
Butterfly told me.

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