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Fiction #211
(published January 27, 2005)
Lonely Gus Gets Mugged
by Christina Delia
(Ghosts are easy to mug: sometimes they have difficulty seeing past the eyeholes cut crookedly into their sheets. Contrary to popular belief, they do scare easily.)

A lost soul named Lonely Gus exits his favorite haunt and crosses paths with Mr. Would-B. Mugger. The two exchange words:

"Gimme yer wallet, Ghost!"

"I don't possess a wallet."

"Empty your pockets, then!"

"I'm afraid I don't have any of those, either."

"Shake loose your sheet, I say!"

Lonely Gus shakes his sheet. Oh, how he shake-shakes it! He practically invents a new dance. Call it "The Ghost Trot" or "The Spooky Shimmy", but to no avail. Money does not appear. In retaliation, Mr. Would-B. Mugger steals the very sheet off of Lonely Gus' back.

Renders him vulnerable in his invisibility. Lonely Gus does not bother to report this.

Police look straight through his kind.

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