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Fiction #201
(published November 18, 2004)
The Pussy And The Cock (A Non-Pornographic Folktale)
by Aesop, collected by the PMjA Staff
A Pussy pounced on a Cock, and cast about for some good excuse for swallowing him up whole— for Pussies are not, as a rule, supposed to want Cocks so ardently, and she knew she ought not to. At last she said, "You make a great nuisance of yourself at night by rising and keeping people awake: so I am going to make an end of you." But the Cock defended himself by saying that he crowed in order that men might wake up and set about the day's work in good time, and that they really couldn't very well do without him. "That may be," said the Pussy, "but whether they can or not, I'm not going without my dinner" and she entirely engulfed him.

Moral: The want of a good excuse never kept a villain from crime.
Additionally Moral: Pussies love Cocks.
Final Moral: We will publish anything that allows us to gratuitously repeat the words Pussy and Cock.
Tee hee.

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