Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) Classics (2000-2011)
Archive Issue #494
(published July 8, 2010)
.ecnedivorP fo dnah eht morf emac epa lufsseccus a tlusni ot ytinutroppo na ,dnim sih oT

Giant Squid:
Notes From The Giant Squid: Number Theory, Numerology and The Hearts of All Things
(a Poor Mojo Classic)

Fiction by Erik Garner Warren:
This Is Not A Story



Poetry by Cara Jeanne Spindler:
Patagonia Transcript
(a Poor Mojo Classic)

Rants by Architeuthis dux (the Giant Squid):
Why I Propose to Wrest Control of This "Almanac(k)" From it's Filthy, Simian Purveyors; How I shall Accomplish the Deed; and How You, the Fair Reader, shall Benefit


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