Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) Classics (2000-2011)
Archive Issue #387
(published June 19, 2008)
>B/<61:3 seinmulaC>B<>RB<".nug a sah bmal eht dna ,gnihtemos gninnalp si noil eht tub ,rehtegot eil yam noil eht dna bmal ehT"

Giant Squid:
Ask the Giant Squid: The Zone of Profanity

Fiction by Matt Thomas:
An Unwelcome Warmth



Poetry by Victoria Clayton Munn:

Rants by Mollena Lee Williams:
The Prize for the Lamest Booty Call I have Endured Goes To . . .
(The Poor Mojo's Monstrously Bad Sex Rant Contest WINNER!)


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