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February 08, 2013

Two Miami cops fired for trying to put a Santeria cure on their boss

North Miami Beach Police Department Employees Fired Over Plan To Put Santeria Curse On City Manager
Two North Miami Beach Police Department employees have been fired for plotting to put a Santeria curse on the city manager. Officer Elizabeth Torres, a 24-year veteran of the police department, and Yvonne Rodriguez, an office manager for police chief Larry Gomer, were caught plotting to use birdseed to cast a spell to make Lyndon Bonner "go away" in August before a round of planned departmental layoffs. Torres told Rodriguez she had previous success with the curse, having made her son and daughter move out by sprinkling it on the front porch of their home, according to the police report. Investigators say the pair were upset with the "negative climate" in the department, and hatched a plan to similarly curse Bonner by gaining access to his office. Torres admitted to police that she brought the birdseed to Rodriguez, then approached janitor Esther Villanueva, asking her to sprinkle the birdseed in Bonner's office as she cleaned.

Sometimes the cops are just sipping coffee and letting your baby die

This is just appalling. Miami-Dade Police Kendall Squad Caught Ignoring Emergency Calls, Shopping On Camera (VIDEO)
An entire Miami-Dade Police squad in Kendall has been disciplined -- several of the officers, fired -- after what CBS Miami reports is one of the worst dereliction of duty cases in the department's history. One officer, Dario Socarras, was filmed drinking coffee for nine minutes while allegedly ignoring emergency dispatch orders on a call for an unconscious 5-month-old baby, Local10 reports. His supervisor, Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez, was sitting at the cafe with Socarras -- and was also recorded shopping while on duty at stores like Target and Lowes, brushing off work to rendezvous with her boyfriend, and visiting her parents in Cutler Ridge when she should have been on the job, according to CBS. Socarras was also filmed twice kissing and spending time with a girlfriend in the parking lot of the Dadeland mall, allegedly while ignoring calls for armed robbery and burglary -- forcing officers from other units to respond from greater distances. The squad was surveilled by Internal Affairs investigators, who used video cameras and GPS vehicle trackers to document what members were doing while they should have been responding to calls. "We're talking about falsification of records, we're talking about stealing time that doesn't belong to you, because they are supposed to be available for service or duty and they're not,” said former Miami Police Chief Ken Harms.

Guy Maddin's "The Frozen Horses of Winnipeg"

The Frozen Horses Of Winnipeg

How did 1992's AGENDA 21 become the Conservative talk radio bogeyman?

I've seen it pop up all over Facebook, in comments sections, all over the libertarian/Tea Party websites and heard it from the mouths of family friends: AGENDA 21 is Obama's and the UN's plan to remake the world, steal freedom, and end America. Except of course none of that is true. AGENDA 21, despite the ominous name, is a nonbinding memo from the UN in 1992--endorsed by Pres. Bush--that outlines how developing nations can create sustainable industry. That's it. How did it become a bogeyman? GOP: Ditch the Agenda 21 Tinfoil Hat Brigade - The Daily Beast
Have we entered some parallel universe where saving tax dollars and conserving natural resources has become a UN plot against American liberties? Apparently so. In 1992, President George H. W. Bush signed the U.S. onto a non-binding United Nations agreement called Agenda 21. The agreement is hardly more than a list of ways that local communities can better conserve natural resources. The general header for such practices is "sustainability." During my tenure as mayor of Sturgis (MI), a city of about 12,000 people, we implemented several sustainable practices that resulted in substantial savings to taxpayers. A green roof on a new public works building minimized heating and cooling costs in the building, reduced storm water runoff, and lowered long term maintenance expenses. When a neighborhood was annexed, we utilized rain gardens in lieu of costly curb and gutter to manage storm water, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hardly controversial, you'd think. Yet Glenn Beck, the John Birch Society, and various tea party groups have condemned "Agenda 21" as a globalist conspiracy to destroy America. And state legislators are listening. I am a real conservative. I championed privatization of our ambulance service and our hospital, and lowered our city millage to the lowest level in fifty years. I was the first mayor in the city’s history to exercise the right to legally carry a concealed weapon (but let’s not open that can of worms right now).