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Charlie Brooker addresses the outrage against gay characters in the Star Wars MMO

Charlie Brooker: Some people are gay in space. Get over it | Comment is free | The Guardian
It must be awful, being a homophobe. Having to spend all that time obsessing about what gay people might be doing with their genitals. Seeing it in your mind, over and over again, in high-definition close-up. Bravely you masturbate, to make the pictures go away, but to no avail. They're seared onto your mental membranes. Every time you close your eyes, an imaginary gay man's imaginary penis rises from the murk, bowing ominously in your direction, sensing your discomfort. Laughing. Mocking. Possibly even winking. How dare they, this man and his penis? How dare they do this to you? Obviously you can't fight the big gay penis in your head. It has no physical form, so you can't get a grip on it, much as you'd like to. You'd love to grab it and throttle it until it splutters its last. That might bring you closure. But no. So you do the next best thing. You condemn homosexuals in the real world. Maybe if they could just stop all this "being gay" business for 10 minutes, you'd get some respite from that scary headcock. It might shrivel away completely, leaving nothing behind. Except maybe a nice bit of bum. No, dammit! Forget I said that! No bum either! Of course sometimes the act of condemning homosexuals in the real world overlaps with the imaginary realm. Over the past few weeks, games company Electronic Arts has been subjected to a letter-writing campaign from idiots outraged by its decision to allow players to define their characters as gay in a Star Wars game. The Florida Family Association says, "children and teens, who never thought any way but heterosexual, are now given a choice to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender" – adding that even if they chose to be straight, they would still "be forced to deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender characters chosen by other players". Personal choice and co-operation: two appalling threats to our youth. . . .

Rape survivors are labeled as crazy by the military and discharged, their rapists go unpunished

Rape victims say military labels them 'crazy' - CNN.com
CNN has interviewed women in all branches of the armed forces, including the Coast Guard, who tell stories that follow a similar pattern -- a sexual assault, a command dismissive of the allegations and a psychiatric discharge. Schroeder says a fellow Marine followed her to the bathroom in April 2002. She says he then punched her, ripped off her pants and raped her. When she reported what happened, a non-commissioned officer dismissed the allegation, saying, "'Don't come bitching to me because you had sex and changed your mind,'" Schroeder recalls. Moore says she was alone in her barracks in October 2002 when a non-commissioned officer from another battery tried to rape her. When she filled out forms to report it, she says, her first sergeant, told her: "Forget about it. It never happened," and tore up the paperwork. "It felt like a punch in the gut," Moore says. "I couldn't trust my chain of command to ever back me up." McClendon says she was aboard a Navy destroyer at sea when a superior raped her on the midnight to 2 a.m. watch. After reporting the attack, she was diagnosed with a personality disorder and deemed unfit to serve. "I was good enough to suit up and show up and serve, but I wasn't good enough after the fact," McClendon says. . . .

The Nazis officially have a lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Nazi Party gets a Washington lobbyist - TheHill.com
The American Nazi Party registered its first lobbyist this week, disclosure records show. John Bowles registered Tuesday with House and Senate offices to represent the “ANP,” which stands for the American Nazi Party. He plans to lobby on “political rights and ballot access laws,” according to the documents. Bowles is not limiting his lobbying ventures, listing several “general lobbying issue areas” on the form, including civil rights, healthcare and immigration. Contacted by The Hill, Bowles said his lobbying activities would test lawmakers’ commitment to hearing all points of view. “You know, congressmen and congresswomen have always been telling the American public that they were open to other viewpoints,” Bowles said. “I’m going to see if they were sincere about that, or I’m going to call their bluff.” . . .

April 15, 2012

How to run The Wire as a D&D campaign

I don't link to Zak S. enough, even though I gobble up every post he writes as fast as I can find them. He is the guy running the YouTube D&D game "I Hit It With My Axe" and the writer behind Playing D&D With Porn Stars. His basic approach is to rethink every aspect of the game to make it more visceral and more fun without going camp. Every game he touches gets weirder and more metal. Rules are for the weak and the untrained. What matters is story and choice and the adventure. I love this stuff to pieces. Here he is adapting The Wire--the first season--to be a campaign in his urban hellhole of Vornheim. It's a textbook example of breaking down a story and figuring what works and what the heart of it is. Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Vornheim, Maryland