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Susie Cagle's What Every Woman Should Know About "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"

Some damn fine cartoon journalism here. Cartoon Movement

Photo Gallery: What the fuck, Newt Gingrich?

Is he even trying to look presidential? Slideshow: Unguarded Moments on Florida’s Campaign Trail -- Daily Intel

Republican Congressmen have journalist arrested for covering oublic meeting about fracking

He wasn't causing a ruckus, just trying to film sleazeball politicians grandstanding against the EPA. 'Gasland' Filmmaker Josh Fox Arrested For Trying To Film Fracking Hearing | ThinkProgress
Josh Fox, the documentarian whose Oscar-nominated film “Gasland” exposed the risks of unregulated natural gas fracking, was arrested in handcuffs by U.S. Capitol Police at the behest of Republican lawmakers after refusing to stop filming today’s GOP hearing attacking EPA oversight of fracking’s air and water pollution. “I’m within my First Amendment rights, and I’m being taken out,” Fox shouted as he was led away, Politico reports. Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) called a motion to suspend the committee rules and allow for Fox and an ABC crew also present to film the hearing, but Republicans rejected the motion.

HBO's VEEP looks promising

The showrunner did In The Thick Of It and In The Loop which are two of the funniest, filthiest, most astute political comedies ever made. So yeah, this could be amazing? A Big Year for Political TV Shows—With a Twist | ThinkProgress
As does Veep, HBO’s terrific comedy about a female Vice President dealing with needy staffers, a president who ignores her, and a press corps that picks up on her every misstep. The sitcom, which premieres April 22, certainly is heightened and ridiculous, but the pilot nails the rhythms of speech and attitudes in Washington, along with the obnoxious and prickly gatekeepers and the minor screw-ups that become major catastrophes. “I want it to be right. I want it to be accurate,” creator Armando Iannucci, the force behind In the Thick of It and In the Loop, told me at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I want to know the dull stuff. What time do people get in in the morning? Who do they sit next to? If someone calls from a newspaper or a television show, who takes the call? How do they issue a retraction?” He and star Julia Louis-Dreyfus told me that they continue to consult with advisors on both sides of the aisle in the city, and from what I’ve seen of the show, that care and attention pay off. When a prominent and aged Senator dies, the Vice President muses about the last time she saw him: “He was full of bourbon, and he grabbed my left tit.” Later, when Amy (Anna Chlumsky, who appears to be Iannucci’s current muse), her chief of staff signs her own name to a condolence card for the man instead of the Veep’s, she moans of the screwup “it’s going to look like the Veep couldn’t be bothered to sign a condolence card for one of the most celebrated perverts on the senate.” And the show mines a lot of humor out of the Veep’s lame attempts at humor, a perfect example of official Washington squareness. “I have stepped into the president’s shoes this evening and who knew he wore kitten heels,” the Veep says to kick off a speech. ” Just kidding. He’s more of a stilettos guy.” Sometimes, politics is both small, and small-minded (as is also the case with Hulu’s first original scripted series Battleground, about campaign workers in a Wisconsin Senate race).

Today's Awesome Tumblr: Tea Party Jesus

Contrasting quotes from prominent Christians--especially politicians--with paintings of Jesus. Tea Party Jesus

A special e-card just for the Susan Komen Race For The Cure foundation

The charity--which was already accused of spending too much money on self-promotion and executive salaries--yesterday cut its funding for early detection and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood facilities. Joe. My. God.: Dear Susan Komen...

Egyptian soccer riot leaves 74 dead, hundreds wounded

When the article says that the fans assaulted each other "with an assortment of cold weapons," what do you think that means? Do they mean cold iron? Were the soccer fans fae creatures? Deadly Soccer Riot of the Day - The Daily What
Over 70 people — 74 by last count — have been killed and hundreds of others injured as a result of a massive melee which took place in the Egyptian city of Port Said following the conclusion of a soccer match. After the local Al-Masry club defeated visiting Cairo-based rival Al-Ahly 3 to 1, fans descended on the field to celebrate the rare victory. But celebration quickly turned to clashes as supporters took advantage of the post-revolution “security vacuum” to whale on each other with an assortment of cold weapons. “There were clearly riot police on that pitch, but they were seen either not getting involved or running in the other direction,” said Al Jazeera correspondent Rawya Rageh. Ultimately, the Egyptian air force had to be called in to evacuate the Al-Ahly players who were trapped in their locker room. . . .