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February 26, 2009

Microsoft bans gamer from Xbox Live for being a lesbian

The Escapist : News : Microsoft Disallows Public Lesbians on Xbox Live

Or rather, for stating she was a lesbian in her profile.

One female Xbox Live user who mentioned her sexual orientation in her profile was suspended from the service for being "offensive."

Teresa, an avid Xbox Live user and open lesbian gamer, spent a fair amount of her time online having to drop out of matches and jump rooms to avoid being "harassed by several players."

"They followed me into the games and told all the other players to turn me in because they didn't want to see that crap or their kids to see that crap," she stated.

Teresa was shocked to discover one day after logging into Xbox Live to find her account suspended with no reason given other than her being "offensive", most likely based upon user reviews.

January 16, 2009

Teens send nude pics to one other, face kiddie porn charges

Teens send nude pics to one other, face kiddie porn charges

Another case of this abhorrent practice of treating sexually misbehaving teens as if they were children/criminals/monsters.

Two girls from Greensburg, who police say are "14 or 15" years old, allegedly sent nude photos to two boys who are slightly older than them (16 or 17) using their cell phones. The photos were discovered in October after one of the youngsters was caught using a cell phone during school hours—a violation of school rules—and had the phone taken away. The photos were discovered at that time—I didn't know teachers could go snooping through your cell phone, either—and turned over to police.

"It was a self portrait taken of a juvenile female taking pictures of her body, nude," Greensburg Police Department captain George Seranko told WPXI News. "Taking nude pictures of yourself, nothing good can come out of it."

. . .

Though the discovery was made several months ago, the Greensburg Police Department apparently decided to arrest and charge the teenagers this week. According to the police, the two girls are being charged with manufacturing, disseminating, or possessing child pornography, while the two boys are being charged with possession of child porn.

"Nothing good can come of it," is what the police captain said. Seriously? I think tons of good things can come of it. Namely, the people sending their images could get laid. Isn't that what most teens are hoping for?

December 29, 2008

UK: Net-nanny state to set MPAA-style ratings for Web?

Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings', Culture Secretary says - Telegraph
In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Andy Burnham says he believes that new standards of decency need to be applied to the web. He is planning to negotiate with Barack Obama’s incoming American administration to draw up new international rules for English language websites. The Cabinet minister describes the internet as “quite a dangerous place” and says he wants internet-service providers (ISPs) to offer parents “child-safe” web services. Giving film-style ratings to individual websites is one of the options being considered, he confirms. When asked directly whether age ratings could be introduced, Mr Burnham replies: “Yes, that would be an option. This is an area that is really now coming into full focus.” ISPs, such as BT, Tiscali, AOL or Sky could also be forced to offer internet services where the only websites accessible are those deemed suitable for children.
See also: Uproar in Australia over plan to block Web sites

November 30, 2008

Practicing abstinence, bride and groom have never kissed

Practicing abstinence, bride and groom have never kissed -- chicagotribune.com

"I don't know how long it'll last, but it'll be great," says a confident Melody LaLuz, 28, who is marrying 30-year-old Fabien in Chicago after a yearlong courtship and two-year friendship.

The "no-kissing" rule came up as a way to prevent things from getting out of hand.

You see, Fabien and LaLuz both teach abstinence courses to Chicago Public Schools teens. And they say they practice what they preach.

To avoid temptation while dating, they made sure they were never alone with each other in a house. When they watched movies on the couch, they snuggled sitting straight up, never lying down.

"It really tested us and encouraged us to grow closer in our hearts and our minds, just expressing things verbally," Fabien said.

So when she says "I don't know how long it'll last," does she mean the sex or their marriage?

November 26, 2008

Why does Google hate the Clitoris?

Susie Bright's Journal : "Clitoris" on Google's Banned Word List

Susie Bright looks again at Google's bizarre censorship of search terms. (site NSFW)

If you set your Google SafeSearch filter on "strict filtering" and search for clitoris, you get zero returns.

But if you try a Google SafeSearch "strict filtering" search for penis, you get...

33,000,000 returns.

That's because "clitoris" is on Google's list of naughty words which are never, ever "safe."