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July 19, 2013

1877: French physician spies self-pleasuring seamstresses

1877: French physician spies self-pleasuring seamstresses
Thésée Pouillet was a French physician who researched female sexuality during the mid-19th century. In his 1877 book De l’onanisme chez la Femme (‘The Onanism of Women’), Pouillet describes his visit to a Paris workhouse, where he observed two seamstresses using mechanical vibrations to self-pleasure. He spotted the first from the frantic speed of her pedalling and the excessive noise from her sewing machine: I looked at the person who was working it, a brunette of 18 or 20. While she was occupied with the trousers she was making on the machine, her face became animated, her mouth opened slightly, her nostrils dilated, her feet moved the pedals with constantly increasing rapidity. Soon I saw a convulsive look in her eyes… a suffocated cry, followed by a long sigh… Pouillet later witnessed a similar ritual, performed by a different worker. A female supervisor told him that such incidents weren’t uncommon in the workhouse, particularly among the younger workers, who sat on the edge of their seats to “facilitate the friction of their labia”.

May 24, 2013

What lesbians think about penises


What real lesbians think of fakey lesbian porn

What Real Lesbians Think of ‘Lesbian’ Porn, The Kind Made For Straight Guys

May 16, 2013

The Ethics of Extreme Porn: Is Some Sex Wrong Even Among Consenting Adults?

A report on a roundtable discussion about one journalist's experience watching the sausage get made at Kink.com. My personal opinion is that if everyone freely consents (and is an adult, of sound mind, etc etc) then people can do sexually to each other whatever they want. If they want to be degraded or pooped on and people want to do that to them, have at it. It isn't my business. Just don't poop on me please, it ain't my thing. But others go into a full tizzy at the idea that consenting adults might be getting their jollies by engaging in some wholesome Bay Area BDSM. It's an affront to god! It cheapens all of us! Honestly, they sound like people who fight against gay marriage. This is an interesting piece though. If you have thoughts about how our culture condemns sex between consenting kinky adults, but gives a pass to rapist priests, rapist athletes, prison rape and military rape, well, then you should read this. The Ethics of Extreme Porn: Is Some Sex Wrong Even Among Consenting Adults? - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic
My generation doesn’t treat consent as a lodestar merely because consent permits pleasurable sexual activity that more traditional sexual codes would prohibit. The ethos of consent is regarded as a lodestar because its embrace is widely seen as an incredible improvement over much of human history; and because instances when the culture of consent is rejected are superlatively horrific. The average 30-something San Franciscan has had multiple friends confide to them about being raped, and multiple friends confide about participating in consensual BDSM. Only the former routinely plays out as extreme trauma that devastates the teller for decades. Little wonder that consent is treated as the preeminent ethos even by many who suspect that transgressive sex like what Witt describes is ultimately unwise or even immoral. Let us imagine that, 50 years hence, we have a society where the ethos of consent and attendant norms of sexual conduct have triumphed so completely that rape is as rare as cannibalism. Everyone would regard that as a civilizational triumph. Would it be a bigger or smaller triumph of sexual mores than a culture where consent was valued exactly as much or little as it was in 1950, but BDSM and kink, extreme or tame, was so widely rejected as to render it as rare as cannibalism? That I’d strongly prefer the former triumph explains why I cannot agree with Alan Jacobs when he writes of the San Francisco pornographers, “I do not believe that it is possible to be more uncivilized than they are, though one might be equally uncivilized in different ways.” I think rapists are far more uncivilized, and that every champion of consent, however myopic they are about other moral norms they ought to follow, are trying to build “structures of thought and practice that harness humankind’s sexual instincts and direct them in socially up-building ways.” Consent isn’t, after all, entirely separable from other widely accepted norms of civilized behavior. Taking it seriously means refusing to watch certain types of porn (the hidden up-skirt camera, for example); it means being forced to conceive of every potential sexual partner as an autonomous individual with inherent worth and desires so important that they frequently trump yours; it means, in at least that one respect, treating other people as you’d want to be treated. None of that means one must approve of the acts described in the San Francisco basement. I happen to think it doesn’t in fact threaten civilization, that transgressive sex cannot, by definition, become the norm. Others may differ, and I’m just guessing there; but it is to say that, whatever you think of the porn shoot, the scattered, unconsensual sex that went down in the Bay Area that night was more worthy of condemnation, more uncivilized, more destructive and less moral.

May 03, 2013

Drugs, Sex, and #Risk

I was in a coffee shop last weekend where they...