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September 15, 2007

Orgasms for the hell of it

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | Orgasms for the hell of it

One of the downsides of being known for writing a book about my sex life is that people tend to make certain assumptions. Many conclude that I must be up for hopping into bed with any bloke who offers himself as a sexual candidate. The other frequent assumption is that, because I have written an honest account about being a single woman happy to have casual sex, I must be making some kind of lifestyle choice. "Don't you ever want to settle down?" people ask me incredulously, shocked that a woman might be content with just, well, shagging.

I don't believe this assumption is held just because I've documented my sexual escapades in print. I think the fact that I am an openly happy sexually active single woman in her early 30s somehow challenges the widely-held convention that all women my age are only having sex in the pursuit of love; that we must want to settle down with every man that we meet; and that if we are still single, we must have failed in some way.

Almost every women's magazine regurgitates this perspective, filling pages of content about losing weight, applying make-up, the latest sexy fashions, all suggesting that women should focus on how they look (rather than, say, their work) because that way they will be more attractive to men and more likely to get a boyfriend; and surely it should all be about obtaining a man - and keeping him?


September 11, 2007

Nazi-themed Stroke Books, Made in Israel

Via PoE News | NYT | Israel’s Unexpected Spinoff...

September 10, 2007

Newest trend in Second Life: the cutest baby unicorn, and his terrible price

Second Life Herald: Baby Unicorn Power!!!

How far would you go for a baby unicorn?

What's the latest trend among the elite Fashionista groups of SL this week?

I'll give you a hint.

It's not bubble hemmed sleeves.

It's not scarves, nor Shai's plaid jackets.

No, no - this time we're talking unicorns. Tiny, adorable baby unicorns that you can hold and cuddle... but they come with a price.

You can only get them by having sex with an adult unicorn . . .

More info and terrible, terrible screenshots of unicorn buggery at the link.


September 06, 2007

"Almost everybody in the fishing business has had sex with a manta at some point"

Testicles and tentacles: Seamen show their derring-do by doing denizens of the deep - MSN-Mainichi Daily News

Taro Makeburu, a stage comedian, used to be a fisherman. A resident of the Izu Islands, he enrolled in a public high school whose curriculum, understandably, offered numerous subjects related to oceanography.

Magazine columnist Kureichi Matsuzawa has long been a fan of Makeburu's humorous fish stories, which, Matsuzawa notes, can't get too raunchy or personal when he's performing in public as they might alienate the audience.

But get him in private and, well, you wind up reeling in something a bit bestial.

We're not talking about legends of making it with mesmerizing mermaids, but something that's the genuine thing. Like manta rays.

"Almost everybody in the fishing business has had sex with a manta at some point," Makeburu asserts.


September 03, 2007

Maggie Gyllenhaal the new face of Agent Provocateur

Maggie Gyllenhaal's steamy Agent Provocateur campaign revealed | the Daily Mail

(I mostly avoid steamy stuff here on the Wire, but sometimes you need to make exceptions.)

Hollywood actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has taken over supermodel Kate Moss as the smouldering new face - and knockout body - of lingerie line Agent Provocateur.

Gyllenhaal stripped down for a series of sexually charged images, which see the scantily clad star splashing about in a bath and even posing in handcuffs.

(via Ectomo)

August 14, 2007

I think a pr0nz company is about to get legally cornholed

via PoE News | beeb | Teenager sues over porn...

August 13, 2007

It's okay to fuck your doppleganger

– about:blank — the funny, the odd and the strange. Updated daily. � …more from the “Alternative Life Instructions” leaflet

(via Ecto)