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July 27, 2012

Florida man guns down unarmed salesman for stepping on his lawn

I might change my mind on global warming being a bad thing, if it can sink Florida into the sea. Florida man kills door-to-door salesman: I’ll kill anybody that steps on my property | The Raw Story
A man in Cape Coral, Florida on Wednesday was arrested for shooting and killing an unarmed door-to-door salesman on his property. Kenneth Bailey Roop, 52, has been charged with second-degree murder for killing 30-year-old Nicholas Rainey. A co-worker who witnessed the shooting said Rainey had knocked on Roop’s door, but received no answer. While Rainey was walking down the drive-way, Roop pulled up in his pickup truck and asked why Rainey was at his house. Rainey explained that he was selling steak and seafood. The witness said Roop then pulled out a black handgun and shot Rainey. As Rainey lay on the ground, Roop fired another bullet into the back of his head. . . . “He was telling the officer, ‘he stepped on my property, he trespassed, I’ll kill anybody that steps on my property,’ somewhere along them lines. It was just unbelievable,” one witness told the The News-Press. “She never flinched. She deserves a medal. I don’t think he was done [shooting].” . . .

July 23, 2012

Penn State given slap on the wrist for Sandusky's decade of child rape

The NCAA president, Mark Emmert said this with a straight face, "Football will never again be placed ahead of educating, nurturing, and protecting young people." He forgot to add, "until the season starts up in August." Penn State Sanctions: School fined $60 million, must vacate all wins back to 1998
Penn State's football program was spared the so-called "death penalty" on Monday, but the university was nonetheless hit with an unprecedented host of sanctions, including a $60 million fine, a four-year bowl ban, and the vacation of all wins dating back to 1998. The penalties also include the loss of 20 scholarships per year over four years and a five-year probationary period. The NCAA likewise announced that any current or incoming football players will be free to immediately transfer and compete at another school, a decision that is sure to deplete the Nittany Lions squad moving forward. "In the Penn State case, the results were perverse and unconscionable," NCAA President Mark Emmert said. "No price the NCAA can levy with repair the damage inflicted by Jerry Sandusky on his victims." Sanduksy, the team's former defensive coordinator, was convicted last month of 45 counts of child sex abuse. The $60 million—a total worth roughly the annual gross revenue of the school's football team—will go toward "an endowment for external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims," and cannot be used to pay for such programs at the university itself. . . .

Beijing floods after being hit with worst storm in 60 years

37 dead at last count. Beijing Flooding is Surreal and Awful

July 22, 2012

Rape victim cited with contempt of court for tweeting the names of the boys who assaulted her

Kentucky Teen Faces Charge for Naming Attackers - ABC News
A 17-year-old Kentucky girl who was upset by the plea deal reached by a pair of teenagers who sexually assaulted her is now facing a contempt charge for tweeting their names in violation of a court order. Savannah Dietrich of Louisville told The Courier-Journal (http://cjky.it/NEcirr) she is frustrated by what she feels is a lenient deal for her attackers. After posting the names on Twitter, Dietrich wrote, "I'm not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell." The Associated Press does not normally report the names of sexual assault victims, but Dietrich and her parents say they do not want to shield her identity and want her case to be public. The boys' attorneys have asked a judge to hold Dietrich in contempt for violating the confidentiality of a juvenile hearing and the judge's order not to speak about it. Dietrich told the paper she was assaulted in August 2011 by two boys she knew when she passed out after drinking at a gathering. She learned months later that pictures of the assault were taken and shared with others. . . .