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April 05, 2014

Christians are slaughtering every Muslim they can find in the Central African Republic

This is utterly horrible. Why isn't anyone talking about it? The story of this church tells so much about the ethnic cleansing going on in the CAR | Public Radio International
The UN's chief special adviser on genocide prevention says that only 20 percent of the country's Muslims are left in the country. The rest have either fled or been killed by members of the Anti-Balaka militia, a Christian extremist militia that formed in 2013 after a Christian president was overthrown by a Muslim. Since then, the violence perpetrated by the Anti-Balaka militia has continued largely unabated. The UN estimates that more than 290,000 people, mostly Muslims, have fled to neighboring countries. The country remains so dangerous that the UN has to airlift food to reach people displaced by the violence — delivery by truck is too dangerous. The BBC's Tim Whewell recently returned from the Central African Republic, where he witnessed the attempts at ethnic cleansing first hand. Whewell traveled for hours from the capital Bangui along dirt tracks in a forest to reach the town of Carnot in the west of the country. It's a place that few journalists or international agencies have reached. Once there, Whewell found a concrete church with a muddy compound full of displaced Muslims. "It's an overwhelming sight when you first see it," says Whewell. "There are about a thousand Muslim fugitives with the few possessions they were able to bring with them, mostly battered foam mattresses." They are there, says Whewell, because of a "remarkably courageous" local priest named Father Justin Nary, who offered refuge to the Muslims. Some traveled for up to two weeks through the bush to reach Carnot once they heard of the priest's offer.

March 31, 2014

Judge suggests man who raped a three-year-old get probation instead of prison, because he's rich

Should we just make it officially the law that rich people are immune to felonies? Or should we just let judges keep acting like this and accepting it as normal that literal baby-rapers should do less jail time than people who shoplift? The Ladder of Law Has No Top And No Bottom - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Superior Court judge who sentenced an heir to the du Pont fortune to probation for raping his 3-year-old daughter wrote in her order that he “will not fare well” in prison and suggested that he needed treatment instead of time behind bars, according to Delaware Online. Court records show that in Judge Jan Jurden’s sentencing order for Robert H. Richards IV she considered unique circumstances when deciding his punishment for fourth-degree rape. Her observation that prison life would adversely affect Richards confused several criminal justice authorities in Delaware, who said that her view that treatment was a better idea than prison is typically used when sentencing drug addicts, not child rapists.

March 02, 2014

Uighur terrorists kill 29, injure 130 at Chinese rail station

The terrorists were Uighurs, upset by the Chinese government's repression. They used knives and slashed at everyone they could find. Attackers With Knives Kill 29 at Chinese Rail Station - NYTimes.com
HONG KONG — A group of assailants wielding knives stormed into a railway station in southwestern China on Saturday, slashing employees and commuters and leaving at least 29 people dead and 130 wounded, according to Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency. The local government indicated that the attackers were Uighur separatists seeking an independent homeland in the Xinjiang region in China’s far west. The attack, in Yunnan Province, was far from Xinjiang, and if carried out by members of the largely Muslim Uighur minority could imply that the volatile tensions between them and the government might be spilling beyond that restive region. The violence erupted about 9 p.m. in the city of Kunming, when the assailants, all wearing similar clothing, entered the square in front of the station as well as a ticket sales hall, according to the official Yunnan news service. “According to eyewitnesses, the group of males held knives and all wore the same black clothing,” said the China News Service, another state-run news agency. “They slashed at whoever they saw, and at the scene there were many people injured.” Photographs circulated by Chinese news websites, which they said were taken after the attack, showed men and women sprawled and bleeding. Continue reading the main story If the Kunming government’s account is correct, the attack would be the worst violence outside of Xinjiang to stem from discontent by Uighurs over what they call repression by the country’s Han Chinese majority. The central government in Beijing said Uighur separatists were behind a small but dramatic attack in October near Tiananmen Square, when a vehicle plowed into a crowd, killing two tourists and injuring dozens. Three people in the vehicle also died.