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January 28, 2011

Egypt Leaves the Internet

Egypt Leaves the Internet - Renesys Blog
At 22:34 UTC (00:34am local time), Renesys observed the virtually simultaneous withdrawal of all routes to Egyptian networks in the Internet's global routing table. Approximately 3,500 individual BGP routes were withdrawn, leaving no valid paths by which the rest of the world could continue to exchange Internet traffic with Egypt's service providers. Virtually all of Egypt's Internet addresses are now unreachable, worldwide. This is a completely different situation from the modest Internet manipulation that took place in Tunisia, where specific routes were blocked, or Iran, where the Internet stayed up in a rate-limited form designed to make Internet connectivity painfully slow. The Egyptian government's actions tonight have essentially wiped their country from the global map.

January 08, 2011

CES: Your next computer will be a smart phone

This is bad news. The FCC decided that Net Neutrality would apply to wired networks, but content on mobile wireless networks can be throttled and prioritized. I can fix a PC or a laptop. Who can fix a smart phone? Who can modify it as they wish? We are losing control of computing. Malone and Hayes: Bye-Bye PCs and Laptops - WSJ.com
As inflection points go, the Consumer Electronics Show that kicked off yesterday couldn't be sending a clearer signal: The era of the personal computer is drawing to a close. For an industry gathering that once showcased each new generation of desktop and laptop, this year's show is buzzing with every imaginable flavor of tablet, smart phone and mobile appliance. Welcome to the age of mobile computing. While personal computers are not going to disappear altogether, the trend lines are clear. Gartner, the market research company, predicts that by 2013 the number of smart phones will surpass PCs, 1.82 billion to 1.78 billion. And that's not counting the tablets. Gene Munster, an analyst with the global investment bank Piper Jaffray, estimates that Apple iPad sales were 14.5 million for 2010, with another million tablets sold by competitors. Sarah Rotman Epps at Forrester Research predicts that 82 million Americans will be using tablets by 2015.

December 21, 2010

Sen. Franken (D-Minn.) on the Comcast/NBC/Universal deal and Net Neutrality

TL;DR: The Comcast/NBC/Universal deal is terrible for small cable networks -- which tell Franken they are bullied by the company into dummying up and going along -- and for diversity in the media marketplace. Imagine a world with five providers for all content. And the FCC Net Neutrality regulations are flawed. YouTube - Franken: FCC Net Neutrality Plan "Flawed"

November 19, 2010

Fucking routers, how do they work? China and Internet scary stories

China did not hijack 15% of the Net, counters researcher - Computerworld
Talk that China hijacked 15% of the Internet earlier this year is overblown, a researcher said today. "There's been some confusion over routing versus traffic," Craig Labovitz, chief scientist at Arbor Networks, said in an interview today. "While maybe 10% to 15% of the routes to other peers may have been diverted, a lot of those routes didn't propagate." Instead of the widely-reported 15%, Labovitz estimated that the actual amount of Internet traffic affected by the April 2010 incident was much lower, on the order of just 0.015%.... Labowitz was reacting to media reports, many of which he said got it wrong, on the disclosure this week by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission that for 18 minutes on April 8, a significant portion of the Internet's destinations were routed through servers belonging to China Telecom.... But routes do not equal traffic, argued Labovitz.... "There was no statistically significant increase in traffic [through China Telecom] due to the hijack," said Labowitz. "Most of the re-routing [propagation] didn't make it very far."

June 17, 2010

LOL! Legendary troll weev V&; arrested for drugs, Goatse Security member implicated in iPad address thefts

weev has boasted of lots of evil doings. PC World: iPad Hacker Arrested on Drug Charges After FBI Search | Man once bragged he was on acid while delivering a security conference presentation.
Computerworld - One of the hackers in the group that snatched more than 100,000 iPad owner e-mail addresses from AT&T's servers was arrested Tuesday on felony drug charges after the FBI searched his Arkansas home. Andrew "Escher" Auernheimer was arrested by Fayetteville, Ark., police and was booked into the Washington County Detention Center Tuesday afternoon, where he is being held on bonds totaling $3,160. Auernheimer, 24, faces four felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor drug charge. According to CNET News, which first reported the arrest, police found drugs that included cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and Schedule 2 and 3 pharmaceuticals when they searched his home. Auernheimer, who also goes by the hacker nickname "weev," is one of 10 members of Goatse Security, a hacking group that used an automated script to collect 114,000 iPad e-mail addresses from AT&T through a public feature of the carrier's Web site.