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OKCupid admits they manipulate results and lie to people, to encourage dating

If I was a paid OKCupid user and found out it was deliberating telling me that good matches were bad matches just to mess with me, I would demand my money back.

OKCupid Dating Web Site Says it Lied to Users in Experiment | NBC Bay Area

When you sign up for a dating website, you are supposed to be set up based on your interests, and maybe even your looks.

The co-founder of OkCupid.com admitted the online dating web site set up people as part of an experiment.

“I think it’s kind of false advertisement,” Michelle Cady said.

In one of the experiments, people who were highly compatible were told they were a bad match and vice versa.

In another experiment, the website hid singles’ profile pictures for several hours to encourage people to message each other without knowing what they look like. When they brought the pictures back online, many of the conversations stopped.

“It shouldn’t become a game to them to see how many people they can hook up together,” Michelle Cady said.