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Check out Dave-o's latest short story--"The Traveling Salesman Solution"--in F&SF

(Cross posted from my Snip, Burn, Solder Blog.)

My story "The Traveling Salesman Solution" is in the current issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (July/August 2014). And it's reviewing pretty well:

Sam Tomaino, SFRevu Review: "Our narrator is a wheelchair-bound ex-serviceman who has just heard a strange story from his brother-in-law. Seems he was beaten in a marathon race by a dentist from North Platte, Nebraska. His brother-in-law says he never even saw the guy but the RFIDs that are used to monitor a runner passing each checkpoint says he was at every one. Our narrator investigates further and finds some anomalies in this. The more he investigates, the stranger things get and he discovers that the son of the dentist has discovered something very dangerous. This was a good solid story with well-drawn characters."
Lois Tilton, Locus Online: "One of those stories where the problem is more interesting than the solution. In fact, even the narrator isn’t happy with his solution, although it comes as quite a plot twist. A good, strong narrative voice actually makes a mathematical problem interesting to this dyscalculia victim."

Pro-tip: If you liked "The New Guys Always Work Overtime" or "There Was No Sound of Thunder," then you'll like this story, too.

The issue is on newsstands now or, if you're a digital baby, available for a dirt-cheap .99 cents(!!!) on Kindle. That's cheaper than I'd price this novelette as a stand-alone download, and you'll get another dozen stories to boot. Good deal!