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Retired Stars File Suit Alleging NFL Doped Them Up Like Race Horses

The NFL allegedly order drugs in players names, doped them up without telling them what they were taking, and generally treated the players like livestock to be managed.

Retired Stars File Suit Alleging NFL Doped Them Up Like Race Horses

Some very large piles of shit just hit the fan in the world of the NFL today. Eight former NFL players—Richard Dent, Jim McMahon, Jeremy Newberry, Roy Green, J.D. Hill, Keith Van Horne, Ron Stone, and Ron Pritchard—have filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL. The suit claims that the league supplied them with illegally obtained drugs and painkillers throughout their careers in an effort to keep them playing through injuries, and that they are now suffering from debilitating medical complications as a result of their league-approved drug abuse.

You can read the entire lawsuit below, but we've pulled some of the more startling claims here.

The suit lays out a nearly identical description for how each of the eight players in the suit became addicted to painkillers and other medications. Each player claims to have been injected with and fed cocktails of painkillers without any warning about side effects or possible dependence
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