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When a woman calls for sane gun ownership, men freak out and attack her

Longdon was paralyzed in a shooting. Ever since she has advocated for responsible gun ownership--and been the target of an army of vicious, gun fondling, misogynists.

Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women | Mother Jones

After a fundraiser one night during the program [a gun buy-back program], Longdon returned home around 10 p.m., parked her ramp-equipped van and began unloading herself. As she wheeled up to her house, a man stepped out of the shadows. He was dressed in black and had a rifle, "like something out of a commando movie," Longdon told me. He took aim at her and pulled the trigger. Longdon was hit with a stream of water. "Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch?" he scoffed before taking off.

"It was like a mock execution," Longdon says, recalling the intense surge of adrenaline and how the incident triggered her PTSD from the 2004 attack that nearly killed her and her fiancé. She called the police, but they were unable to track down the perpetrator. By the following Saturday, Longdon was back at her post helping run the buyback.