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Common Core tests are just terrible

The tests penalize students for actually thinking and using their own words instead of mindlessly repeating the phrases in the reading sections. You could guess this was done so that the tests were more machine-readable and would make the testing company even more money.

If you can, boycott the tests. They are no good for students or teachers or school districts. They exist only to make money for testing firms and to give bureaucrats an excuse to close public schools.

Shhhh! New York’s Most Closely Guarded Secret | Diane Ravitch's blog

"And what exactly are we measuring? 2013 ELA test questions released on Engage NY show that students who used valid inferences in their written responses supported by paraphrased details from a passage did not receive full credit despite being correct and demonstrating a thorough understanding of the text. This is because the Common Core requires students to use a strategy called “close reading,” a strategy that requires them to support their answers using only “text-based details.” What this means is that a student who engages in higher-level thinking skills (such as inference) and who is able to explain a text in his or her own words will not score as a well as a students who simply copy text details verbatim into their response. If high-stakes testing encourages teaching to the test, could we actually be encouraging a dumbed-down, formulaic method of responding to a text? Without access to these tests, we may never know.”