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These guys don't want women or people of color to write sci-fi

If they were just your usual band of internet jackasses it'd be one thing, but their group includes powerful people at the Big 5 publishers and several notable authors.

Much more here on tumblr, chronicling the anti-diversity voices who seem to be believe they are waging a Culture War against an oppressive authority bent on getting them to stop being total embarrassing assholes.

Anyone who thinks that sci-fi can only be written by white guys is not an author I ever want to read.

The Daily Dot - Apparently, these guys don't want women to write science fiction

This isn’t a new debate. Last year the editor of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) newsletter resigned over widespread allegations of sexism. From numerous harassment incidents at sci-fi cons, to a systemic lack of diversity, to major uphill battles for women and writers of color for representation in all areas of the sci-fi publishing industry, tensions between the “old guard” of white male sci-fi publishing and the new diverse community who wants more progressive media are rapidly coming to a boil.

The new thread offers a glimpse into how systemic the divide really is. Fodera is the associate director of contracts for Macmillan, one of the industry's largest publishers. He calls Kowal, who is a Hugo-award-winning author, "an unperson... no one you should have heard of." Then he goes on to compare her to an aggressive dog:

“Oh, I know she has no power over me. Still, I get agitated when I think about her. There was a lot of good I could have done for SFWA, and she was a primary factor in my not being able to do it... In a way, it's like my reaction to dogs... My brain kept saying 'it's a service dog; they're well-trained; he won't hurt you,' but my body wanted nothing more than to dump my bowels and flee...”

Last year, Kowal spoke out against 12 members of the SFWA who had, she claimed, harassed her while she served as vice president and secretary of the organization. Calling them “rabid weasels,” she noted, “I spent four years in office and the first year I almost quit because I got so tired of getting hate mail.”
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