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If Tennessee automakers unionize the GOP will pull the rug out from under them

Apparently only non-union jobs are considered good jobs by the Tennessee GOP.

Lawmakers Threaten Workers Over Union Vote Their Bosses Welcome

Tennessee Republicans are threatening to block future legislation that helps keep automaker jobs in their state unless Volkswagen (VW) workers reject unionization in a union election that ends Friday evening.

“Should the workers at Volkswagen choose to be represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW),” state Sen. Bo Watson (R) said on Monday, “then I believe any additional incentives from the citizens of the state of Tennessee for expansion or otherwise will have a very tough time passing the Tennessee Senate.”

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) has also waded in, albeit in a subtler fashion. Corker is telling the press that VW will decide to build a new line of cars at the plant so long as workers reject the UAW. The head of the VW plant says the senator is wrong, but Corker, who helped bring VW to Chattanooga when he was mayor there, says he was “assured” by his contacts at the company that workers can guarantee themselves more hours and more to do by voting no. Despite Corker’s anti-union stance in Chattanooga, he has received $47,000 in campaign money from union groups since 2006 according to a ThinkProgress review of contribution records.