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Elsa from FROZEN teaches the other princesses to value themselves in this adorable video

People are underestimating what a cultural event FROZEN is. Sure, it's just a cartoon. But so was SNOW WHITE so was THE LITTLE MERMAID and those films left their imprint on generations.

It's the first Disney film that has a princess who solves her own problems, where the men are sidekicks or villains. This is amazing.

My local theater is hosting weekly FROZEN sing-alongs now. YouTube is chockablock with young women recording their version of Idina Menzel's "Let It Go." Hell, when I picked up my son from preschool the other day all of the little girls--like twenty of them--were in a circle belting out all the lyrics.

This film is going to be formative. And it's more feminist than anything Disney has done before.

A Live-Action Musical Tribute to the Disney Film ‘Frozen’, Where Elsa Helps Liberate Other Disney Princesses