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Deja Vu All Over Again: Anti-LGBTQ Pogroms Brewing in Russia

Pogroms where the Russian solution to the "Jewish Problem." These were generally characterized as "peasant uprising" or "unpredictable mobs." They weren't often officially sanctioned, per se, but they were officially tolerated. No one was prosecuted for murdering, raping, and robbing Jews, because the Russian governments were perfectly satisfied with the results: Jews--many of them orphaned children--left Russia in droves, abandoning their family businesses and property in the process. The pogroms served the government's ends--in that they encouraged Jews to "self deport," as we say nowadays, without the gov'ts having to lift a finger or spend a dime--and the government need never worry about being held to account.

Say what you like about the Nazis, but at least they had the general decency and self-regard to spend money on bullets, boxcars, and Zyklon B.

At any rate, right now there is a slow-boiling anti-queer pogrom in Russia, plain and simple. As a civilized people, we should be offering asylum to Russian LGBTQ folk. As an important trade partner, we should be putting pressure on Russia to prosecute these attackers. As fucked up as *we* are as a nation, we are better than this; as fucked up and vicious as we are as a species, we are too good to quietly let things like this persist.

This video is super unpleasant, but you should watch it, because this is a thing that's happening, and it's going to keep getting worse: