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Middle school cook threatened to murder children with an AK-47 after cookies she baked were no good

I get that she was angry, but if her co-worker pissed her off why threaten to go murder innocent children?

Lunch Lady Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Up School Cafeteria Over Burnt Cookies

A cafeteria cook was charged Monday for allegedly threatening to shoot up the middle school where she worked over an argument with co-workers about cookies, Boston's WFXB reported.

A judge ordered head cook Wendy Ferris to stay away from King Philip Middle School in Norfolk, Mass. and its staff after co-workers alleged Friday that she threatened to "bring in a gun and shoot people." Ferris was also ordered to surrender her guns.

A police report quoted Ferris as saying "I'm thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this (expletive) school up!" after a co-worker re-baked cookies that she made because they were overcooked, according to WFXB.