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Take a Sec to Nominate Dave-o's Fiction for Stuff!

(Yet another lil repost from the Snip, Burn, Solder Blog)

It's nominating time for the various 2013 F/SF awards (Hugo, Nebula, etc.), and I have exactly *one* qualifying story floating around out there:

"The New Guys Always Work Overtime" (first appeared in Asimov's, Feb 2013--that's the cover on the left--and was republished as an audio book in StarShopSofa #312, Nov 2013)

If you like nominating things for stuff, and you liked that story--well, then there you go. If you aren't in a position to nominate "New Guys" for anything, but still liked the story and want to officially register that enjoyment, then you can vote for it here (it's under the "Short Story" category):

  • Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Reader's Award 2013.
  • That poll closes FRIDAY so VOTE TODAY! Now! GOOOOO!