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Freedom Industries spilled another chemical into West Virginia's rivers, but this one is "proprietary"

Should a corporation be allowed to keep secret the identity of a toxic chemical they accidentally flooded the countryside with?

Freedom Industries: other chemical is 'proprietary' | MSNBC

About two weeks ago, a coal-processing chemical leaked into the Elk River, leaving 300,000 residents in West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley without water service. Freedom Industries owns the ruptured storage tank that leaked the chemical, known as MCHM, which is used to wash coal, and which can be dangerous if consumed. The emergency has unfolded in painful ways ever since – including contradictory messages as to who can drink water and when – but yesterday, the story took a turn for the worse. Investigators learned that another chemical was also in ruptured storage tank just upstream from West Virginia American Water’s regional drinking water intake. And what, pray tell, was this other chemical. It appears Freedom Industries doesn’t want to say too much about it. Freedom Industries disclosed the information to state and federal regulators on Tuesday morning, but health impacts of the chemical remain unclear, and Freedom Industries has claimed the exact identity of the substance is “proprietary.” […]