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Some states want to bring back the firing squad

It's just about impossible for states to get the drugs they need for lethal injection executions. A combination of plant shutdowns, new laws, and moral qualms from producers has effectively dried up the deadly pipeline. And so states that still want to execute people need to find an alternative.

Some states look at reviving firing squads amid shortage of execution drugs - U.S. News

A shortage of a drug commonly used in executions has prompted lawmakers in at least two states to call for the return of firing squads.

Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin, a Republican representing Harrisonville, introduced legislation Friday (.pdf) that would add five-person firing squads as an alternative to the state's current method of capital punishment, lethal injection.

Brattin cited the prolonged death Thursday of Dennis McGuire in Ohio as evidence that alternative methods were needed after manufacturers of pentobarbitol, the drug most commonly used in lethal injections, began withdrawing it from use in executions on ethical grounds.

It took almost 25 minutes for McGuire . . . to die gasping and choking Thursday from a new combination of drugs that had never before been used in a U.S. execution.