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Senate Republicans just cut off unemployment payments for millions of Americans during a recession

Why wouldn't the Republicans vote to piss all over poor people? That's *their* platform!

Republican Minority In Senate Blocks UI Extension With Majority Support - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Senate’s effort to restore long-term unemployment insurance benefits for 1.3 million Americans sputtered Tuesday amid bitter procedural disagreements.

Negotiators from both sides of the aisle had been working to get a deal to extend the jobless aid that expired at the end of last year. But after a promising vote to advance the legislation last week and optimism late Monday, a potential compromise unraveled when the two sides failed to agree on a process to consider changes to the legislation, including proposals for how (or whether) to pay for it.

A vote to move the bill forward – requiring 60 votes — failed 55-45, and a separate bipartisan proposal failed 52-48. Negotiators say they are still working to find middle ground, although the Senate faces other urgent fiscal business before a scheduled recess next week.