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Realtors intentionally sabotaged home sale so they could have a sex pad

They did everything they could to prevent the home from being sold just so they could have sex in the house. They are very much fired now.

New Jersey Realtors Caught on Camera Having Sex in a Client's Home

A New Jersey couple is suing real estate firm Coldwell Banker and two of its New Jersey agents for allegedly sabotaging sales so that the agents could use their vacant home to have sex.

Richard and Sandra Weiner contracted with two agents — Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan — to sell their Wayne, New Jersey home in 2010.

Lindsay, the former president of the Passaic County Board of Realtors, advised the couple to list the house for $650,000.

But instead of showing the home to potential customers, Lindsay and Phelan showed themselves — on camera — at least ten times over a two-year period.

"Lindsay used his position at Coldwell to obtain for himself and Phelan a place to have sex," and he "listed the house above market value to avoid Realtor traffic in the home while he and Phelan carried on their trysts,” according to the suit.

The agents literally got caught with their pants down after Sandra Weiner saw two strange people with flashlights on the home's security cameras.
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