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Affluenza judge of course gives poor black kids the harshest sentences possible

Rich, white and drunk and kill four people? It's not your fault. You were raised with money which makes you immune to empathy.

But if you're poor and black and accidentally kill someone you get ten years.

Affluenza judge gives black kid tougher sentence for a lesser crime

So you know how the “Affluenza Judge” did the world a disservice when she let a spoiled, sniveling rich brat off the hook — with no jail time — after driving drunk and killing four people? 16-year-old Ethan Couch was freed by Judge Jean Boyd due to a fictitious condition known as “Affluenza.” Couch’s lawyer claimed that this made-up condition occurs when a person’s wealth makes them unable to understand the consequences of their actions. Instead of jail time, the Affluenza Judge ruled that Couch gets probation and time in a posh treatment center paid for by his wealthy, workaholic dad. We’re sure this young sociopath has a career on Wall Street in the future.
The ‘Affluenza’ judge gives poor black kids tougher sentences for lesser crimes.

In case you were wondering if there was some sort of shot you can take for Affluenza, you probably can’t afford it– especially if you’re a black teenager. The Affluenza Judge didn’t seem to consider mental health issues when she sentenced a 14-year-old black kid to 10 years in Juvie for an unfortunate but far lesser crime. The teenaged boy punched a man, who then died after falling to the ground and hitting his head on the pavement. Obviously it was a reckless act and it’s sad that the man died from it, but it’s unlikely that the kid meant to kill him.